Microblading is a low maintenance, semi-permanent beauty treatment for people looking to obtain precisely shaped and filled eyebrows that will last several weeks or months. Similar to tattooing, tiny needles deposit pigments that match your natural brow hair colour into your skin. Manual tattoo techniques are used rather than a machine, with the esthetician creating hair-like strokes that simulate brow hairs. The pigment is inserted into the upper dermis of your skin, which is why it’s a semi-permanent treatment. This allows for the pigment to break down and fade over time, which is why repeated sessions are necessary for lasting looks.

The Process
It’s approximately a two-hour long appointment for your first session. The microblading procedure itself usually lasts around 45 minutes to one hour. The rest of the time is spent discussing what the client wants, looking at inspirational photos and deciding the best brow shape for them. Every face and client is different, so it’s necessary to plan out exactly what will work with the client’s structure before they begin.

Most estheticians will use a topical numbing cream, leaving the procedure pain-free. It’s common for there to be redness or mild swelling after a session, but nothing more then mild discomfort will be felt afterwards. A follow-up visit is required six to eight weeks after the initial procedure to determine whether or not adjustments need to be made to the colouring or hair density.

The Ideal Candidate
While this is a great treatment for many people, like with any procedure, there are some that should avoid it. If you’re pregnant or nursing, microblading isn’t recommended, nor is it recommended for individuals going through chemotherapy, as there’s a higher risk of infection. If you’re taking any prescription blood thinners, talk to your doctor before proceeding with microblading. Certain skin types take to microblading better than others. Oilier skin will absorb the pigment similarly to dry skin, but it won’t be as crisp or bold of a result.

After Care
Your new brows will look extremely bold and sharp for several days after your appointment. Four to five days after the session, you’ll experience mild flaking and possibly scabbing. It all depends on the individual, but it’s important not to pick at the scabs, as that will remove the pigment and leave your brows with sparse patches. It’ll take 30 days for your brows to completely heal, revealing the true colour of the pigment. While your brows are healing, avoid exercising, submerging your face underwater or applying makeup to your eyebrows. Wipe them down two to three times per day with a damp cotton ball. Your esthetician will go over everything you need to know regarding the microblading treatment.

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