While it’s a relatively safe procedure, laser hair removal still brings with it a few side effects. Many of these, however, as quite common and are a minor inconvenience rather than something too serious. If you experience any lasting side effects, it’s important that you talk to a dermatologist. Now, here are the side effects of laser hair removal.

Irritation and Redness

Your body is likely to react to the damage the laser does when it targets your hair follicle. It’s common for those damages to take the form of redness and irritation on and around the affected area. Your skin will likely be tender to the touch, and there might be some slight swelling as well. However, these symptoms don’t last long, looking as though the skin was just waxed. To help reduce any redness or swelling, use an ice pack or take a cool bath.


Some people have experienced skin crusting at the hair removal source. While inconvenient, this is a minor issue that may lead to scabbing or scarring. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s recommended that you apply moisturizer to the affected area.

Changes in Pigmentation

You may notice colour changes in the skin of the treated area. Following laser hair removal, the skin may look slightly lighter or darker depending on your skin tone. People with lighter skin tend to see darker colour changes while people with darker skin tones experience a lightening of the skin. However, these changes usually fade over time.

Eye Injury

As laser hair removal uses powerful lasers to get the job done, there’s a potential risk of serious injury to your eyes, especially if you’re having hair removed from your face. Both you and your practitioner should be wearing protective eyewear during the hair removal procedure.

Skin Infection

Whether you’ve gone the route of laser hair removal treatments or are undergoing another hair removal method, any damage to the follicles can increase your risk of infection. In order to prevent this from happening, the area needs to be treated as though it were a healing wound. If you experience any signs of infection, contact a dermatologist immediately.

Burns and Blisters

As with any procedure involving lasers, there’s a risk of burning and/or blistering if your hair removal treatment isn’t done properly. Although, even when done by a licensed professional, there’s still a small change that this might occur, as the lasers use a high level of heat to get the job done. To prevent your skin from burning, your practitioner can apply a cooling device to the area before switching to the laser.

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