Cosmetic flaws can be caused by genetics, medications, hormones or environmental stressors. Fortunately most pigmented and vascular lesions can be easily treated using IPL (intense pulsed light). Pigmentation refers to the levels of melanin in the skin, an overproduction of melanin leads to darkened areas or hyperpigmentation as seen in freckles, liver spots, solar keratosis and melasma. Vascular lesions are red in colour and common examples are broken capillaries (often seen around the nose and chin) and rosacea. Skin rejuvenation is a broad term and one most appropriate to describe the comprehensive benefits our clients see with their IPL Pigmentation treatments. The primary advantage of IPL Pigmentation treatments is the ability to selectively target melanin, blood vessels, and collagen producing fibroblasts to stimulate revolutionary skin rejuvenation results. Clinical studies confirm the Versa IPL Pigmentation treatments technology we use can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, textural irregularities and vascular and pigmented lesions in over 80% of patients!

How do the treatments work?

In the case of vascular treatments, the IPL wavelengths are catered specifically toward redness and vessels resulting in heating and coagulation. When treating pigmented lesions, the light energy is attracted to the dark melanin in the lesion, causing it to fragment. Some of these fragments will darken and come to the surface of the skin leaving a brief ‘coffee grinds’ effect which flake off soon after. Other fragments are absorbed internally by the body and eliminated. By applying smooth, consistent light pulses, the energy delivered to the skin is gentle, effective and safe. These IPL treatments have the added benefit of stimulating fibroblasts in the deeper layers of the skin for an overall tightening and rejuvenating effect.

What can I expect from my treatment?

Treatment plans are laid out by our specialists in your initial consultation and take into account everything from your skin type and lifestyle to the variety and colour of the lesions present. These treatments are most commonly performed on high-exposure areas such as the face, neck, hands and decolletage with treatment time ranging from ten to thirty minutes. A cold gel is applied to the area pre treatment and our clients report little or no discomfort, comfortably returning to their normal activities afterward.


Is it safe?

Intense pulsed light treatments accurately heat intended targets, causing remarkably little or no skin damage or discomfort. The ability of our cutting edge technology to manipulate specific wavelength and energy parameters makes these procedures highly safe and effective. Our Venus Versa IPL technology is backed by extensive research and clinical trials making it a top choice for medical aesthetic clinics.

Does it hurt?

IPL treatments are commonly described as the sensation of a rubber band snapping on the skin. The majority of our clients do not find the need for anesthesia, but if desired, topical numbing creams are an option for sensitive areas.