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For patients seeking skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, Non-Surgical Face-Lifting radio frequency technology offers dramatic results with no interruption of your daily life. At the Kaloya Skin Care Spa & Laser, we love Non-Surgical Face-Lifting skin tightening for our patients because it keeps them comfortable while delivering real results that last. With Non-Surgical Face-Lifting, you can walk into our office and walk out an hour later with its anti-aging, rejuvenating effects hard at work under your skin.

Non-surgical face-lifting overview and benefits

Non-Surgical Face-Lifting skin tightening uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat the underlying layers of skin that contain collagen. When this energy hits the collagen, it causes the collagen to contract, giving an immediately smoother tone and brighter skin texture. The RF energy also stimulates collagen growth, which will occur over a period of weeks following the procedure. As the collagen expands, it adds volume to the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance and pleasing contour.

As an all-around skin tightening procedure, Non-surgical Face-Lifting is perfect for patients looking for:

  • Improvement of stretch marks
  • Waist circumference reduction
  • Reduction of stubborn fat pockets
  • Tightened skin under the chin
  • General skin tightening
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Prevention of wrinkles and other signs of aging

The Non-Surgical Face-Lifting device features three separate handpieces for different treatment areas. Because of this, the practitioners at the Kaloya Skin Care Spa & Laser can use the regenerative and refreshing effects of Non-Surgical Face-Lifting virtually anywhere on the body. Depending on your treatment area, your practitioner will use one or more of the following handpieces:

  • Small handpiece, which treats delicate areas such as around the eyes or mouth. This is perfect for the reduction of crow’s feet and of nasolabial folds (smile lines).
  • The medium handpiece, which treats larger areas of the face, as well as the neck, arms and hands.
  • The large handpiece, which our practitioners will use to treat the thighs, abdomen and buttocks

There are additional advantages to Non-Surgical Face-Lifting skin tightening treatment, including:

  • Immediate results, even after the first treatment
  • Record of safety
  • Completely noninvasive and non-damaging to the skin
  • Works for all skin colors and types
  • Rapid procedure with no downtime