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How does intense pulsed light or IPL treatment work? Hair reduction using IPL works on the principle of exposing the area where hair reduction is desired to a series of very short pulses of concentrated light. The energy is converted into heat in the hair and base of follicle, which stops the process of hair growth.*

Preparation for IPL treatment- The first step, is a health interview where a trained practitioner will ensure that there is no reason you should not be able to have a safe treatment. The area that’s to be treated, is shaved at home before the appointment. Upon arrival the area is cleaned and a special “conducting” gel is applied to the area which will be exposed the light pulses.

wrinkle reduction

IPL treatment short bust of broad spectrum light are applied to the treated area and passes through the skin. The energy of the light is absorbed by areas where melanin is concentrated in hair and the bulb and the root of the hair shaft. The light energy converts into heat energy. This heat damages the hair producing capability of the hair follicle.

The very short, high intensity bursts of light used in IPL treatments mean that the effect on the skin surrounding the hair is minimized. Most of our customers evaluate the discomfort level of the treatment as being significantly less than other hair removal methods such as waxing or plucking.

Ladies Services
Full body $799 Full Legs $250
Full Back $120 Upper Legs $175
Stomach $120 Lower Legs $175
Full Face $89 Bikini  $100
Side Burn $40 Brazillian $149
Chin $40 Buttocks $50
Upper Lip $40 Belly Line $40
Under Arms $60 Back of Neck $50
Full arms $160 Hands $25
Half Arms $90 Feet $25
Men Services
Full back $250 Lower half arms $200
Full stomach $250 Under arms $95
Half Stomach $150 Cheeks $50
Upper Back $150 Back of Neck $50
Chest Area $140 Forehead $40
Full legs $500 Feet $40
Upper half legs $300 Hand $40
Lower half legs $300 Ears $40
Full arms $300 Knees $50
Upper half arms $250
Full body $799
Full Back $120
Stomach $120
Full Face $89
Side Burn $40
Chin $40
Upper Lip $40
Under Arms $60
Full arms $160
Half Arms $90
Full Legs $250
Upper Legs $175
Lower Legs $175
Bikini $100
Brazillian $149
Buttocks $50
Belly Line $40
Back of Neck $50
Hands $25
Feet $25
Full back $250
Full stomach $250
Half Stomach $150
Upper Back $150
Chest Area $140
Full legs $500
Upper half legs $300
Lower half legs $300
Full arms $300
Upper half arms $250
Lower half arms $200
Under arms $95
Cheeks $50
Back of Neck $50
Forehead $40
Feet $40
Hand $40
Ears $40
Knees $50

*Results may vary