While there are several different methods when it comes to hair removal, there are two options that stand out when it comes to a more permanent and long lasting solution. Those two options are laser hair removal and electrolysis, both of which target the hair follicles directly at the root to stop them from growing.
If you’re not sure which hair removal treatment is best, here are some of the differences between these two methods:
Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal involves the use of lasers that target the hair follicle directly at the root and through mild radiation essentially burns or damages the follicle to prevent hair growth. Prior to a session, the technician will trim or shave the hair in the area you wish to treat. As every patient is different in terms of skin colour and thickness of hair, they will adjust the laser settings to make sure it is suitable for you in order to get the best results. Once the treatment is done, a cold gel is applied to the area for protection and comfort.
Everyone reacts differently to laser treatments and some people will see redness in the treated area while others will experience more pain. Ice packs can help, however, if the pain is severe, then over the counter pain relievers may be recommended.
Laser hair removal will help diminish hair growth significantly, however, the results are not necessarily permanent. Initially, several treatments will be required to see results and once those sessions are completed, maintenance sessions will be required which are normally a couple times a year.
Electrolysis, on the other hand, consists of a probe that is inserted into the hair follicle which sends an electric current through it to damage it and prevent hair growth. During the session, a very thin needle is placed into the targeted hair follicle through which the electric current is delivered to kill the hair root. Electrolysis will deliver more permanent results than laser hair removal and is known to work on everyone regardless of skin and hair type or colour.
The aftercare associated to this treatment is very simple because while some irritation is involved, it will go away within a few hours.
Several sessions are required because there are multiple follicles per hair on the skin, so new follicles can grow between sessions, which is why it’s important to be consistent with treatments to achieve the best results. Follow up sessions will be required in order to completely eliminate the hair on the area that is being treated.
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