With the new year sneaking up, it’s time for the holiday parties to commence! Pull out your ugly Christmas sweater or sparkly gold dress and get into the holiday spirit with friends, family and coworkers. With so much to do, the holidays can be stressful. To help with that, here’s a quick checklist on how to properly prepare for a holiday party.

Whiten Teeth
Brighten up the party with a pearly white smile. You can make an appointment with a professional to get rid of unwanted stains and plaque, or buy a kit and do it yourself. Having a whiter smile is guaranteed to boost your confidence for the big night.

Exfoliate from Head to Toe
To ensure your skin is smooth and hydrated, as not to distract from your festive outfit, grab your favourite exfoliator and strip away any dead skin cells that have accumulated. Don’t do this too often though, as your skin could end up red and irritated. Use a gentle exfoliant over your entire body, not forgetting your face and lips for optimal makeup application. Do this one week before your holiday party and you’ll be good to go.

Deal with Your Hair
For full, voluminous hair that’s both soft and ideal for styling, use a deep conditioning hair mask a week before your party. In that same time, test out which hairstyles will work best with your outfit of choice. This will prevent you from stressing out the night of, pulling your hair out in the process.

Hair Removal
Depending on the outfit you’ve chosen, you might want to get rid of unsightly hair. To achieve the smoothest skin, waxing or laser hair removal will be your best bet instead of shaving. If you decide on waxing, do it a few days prior to the party so your skin can heal. Laser hair removal requires a few sessions for permanent results, but one treatment should get you a night without unwanted hair.

Stay Hydrated
To help keep your skin glowing and bright, make sure to drink a lot of water in the days leading up to the holiday party. Staying fully hydrated will also keep your skin looking plump and keep your body energized for the fun night ahead. If this is difficult to keep up, infuse various fruits into your water to keep it interesting. Remember, it’s only for a few days.

Treat Any Skin Concerns
In the month leading up to the big holiday party, it’s better to start treating acne, wrinkles or dull skin now instead of the night before the event. Whether that means changing your diet to include healthier whole foods or getting a skin care treatment done, it’s up to you. If you’re struggling with fine lines, boost collagen production through microdermabrasion, or talk to a dermatologist about getting your acne under control. Closer to the day of the party, treat yourself to a facial or apply a relaxing face mask at home to get rid of any nerves that may be building.

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