Waxing is one of the most effective hair removal methods out there. Your skin is smoother and hair-free for an extended period after your treatment, which makes waxing so popular. Waxing removes each hair on the treated body part or parts by applying soft or hard body wax to the surface, then pulling it out after it’s applied. Waxing, unlike shaving, gets to the root of the hair follicle, which makes it much more difficult and takes longer to grow back. Are you considering waxing for the first time?

Even clients that regularly get waxed can also do with learning the best before and aftercare tips to make the treatment that much more effective. We’ve compiled a guide on the best ways to care for your skin before and after your waxing appointment below.

Before Waxing Skin Care

Caring for your skin starts before you even arrive at the appointment. This ensures that your waxing treatment will go smoothly and can make it overall less painful. Here’s what to do:

Trim down the hair on the area or areas that you are having waxed. Longer hair on the area can result in a much more painful waxing session.

When trimming it down, make sure to leave it at least 0.5cm long, this is so the beauty technician can remove hair without using several waxes. However, first-time waxers should keep their hair at least 1.5cm long.

Exfoliate the area being waxed 24-48 hours prior to the appointment. This will keep the skin soft, smooth and prevent ingrown hairs before the session.

Shower or bathe on the day of the waxing to open up follicles and allow for hair to be removed easily.

Do not apply deodorants, make-up, creams, perfumes or self-tanners on the waxing area.

If you choose, take an Ibuprofen a half-hour prior to the appointment to make it less painful.

After Waxing Skin Care

After your waxing session, the area may be red, irritated or tender. This is normal, and for the first 24 hours after waxing, avoid the following to ensure the area heals properly:

Touching, scratching or irritating the area further by exfoliation.

Shower in a colder temperature instead of warm and ensure the water runs off the area that was waxed. Do not scrub or wash the area at all.
Do not visit a sauna, steam room, gym or go swimming.

Avoid sunlight or UV exposure as sweat can infect the hair follicles and irritate the skin.

Do not apply any make-up, lotions, soaps, perfumes or self-tanners to the area.

Do not wear tightly fitted which causes friction to the area; instead, wear loose-fitted clothing to allow the skin to breathe.

At Kaloya Skin Care Spa & Laser, we offer full body waxing or waxing on an individual area to have skin smooth and free of body hair. To get your pesky body hair removed by professionals, call or email us for an appointment today.