As the weather changes, so do your skin. With cooler conditions, your skin may dry out faster, even if you typically don’t have dry skin. Through the fall and winter, you need more hydration and skin nourishment to keep your makeup looking fresh. However, there’s a secret to keeping your makeup last and look as fresh at the end of the day as it did in the beginning: healthy skin. Below are five ways to improve the texture of yours.
Liquid Foundations
Cream or liquid foundations are oil-based. If you have skin that is prone to drying or flaking, use it as a base before applying your makeup. Alternately, apply a thin layer of moisturizer before selecting a mouse-based foundation or tinted moisturizer. Avoid heavy moisturizers or creams on your face. It’s hard for makeup to remain on oily skin without smudging, neither do thick creams make your skin look fresh. Good skin hydrating products to plump up dry skin are those that contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin B.
Exfoliate Dry Lips
Dry skin doesn’t retain moisture on your face or lips. Dry lips cannot hold lip gloss without caking either. Use an exfoliation on your lips on a weekly basis to slough off the dead skin. Sugar and honey work wonders. Blend the two and apply on your lips to gently scrub the dryness away. Stay away from drying, long-lasting matte-lipsticks. Use lip gloss, liquid lipstick or a well moisturized one to make your lips ooze juice.
Dust Powder
Yes, you heard right! The powder is not for oily skin alone. It works wonders on dry skin too. Dry skin is often flaky on the cheeks and flaky on the forehead, nose and chin. Dust a bit of face powder with a fluffy brush on those areas or use a compact powder in a shade that matches your skin tone to even out the base before you apply makeup.
Face Polish
Go bold on gold shine to glitz up your face. Dry skin looks divine when you add a hint of highlighter on the cheeks, chin or temples. It gives a soft sheen and glows that make your skin look youthful even when the makeup fades towards the end of the day. Exfoliate your skin first, hydrate, apply liquid foundation, dust a bit of powder, highlight the cheeks and then do add colour with lipstick, eyeliner and a hint of blush.
Kaloya Skin Care Spa & Laser
It is important to treat dry skin to a nourishing, hydrating facial once in a while to address any flaking, dry patches or skin sensitivity. Kaloya Skin Care spa uses Dr. Renaud products to treat a variety of skin conditions such as premature ageing, sensitivity and rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Visit us for your facial treatments and use our innovative products for skin that glows by the day.