The term chemical peel may sound unsettling, but it can be an excellent treatment for a wide range of skin concerns. It can reduce the sight of wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation. If you want clearer, brighter, more youthful-looking skin, then you should definitely consider a chemical peel. Here are some ways a chemical peel can benefit your skin:

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Chemical peels remove the outer layer of skin to reveal a fresh, new layer that is unlined and smooth. Depending on your skin goals, a light peel may suffice, or you may need a deeper peel.

Fixes Sun Damage
As much as 90% of premature aging signs stem from exposure to sunlight radiation. Chemical peels can help reverse sun damage on your hands, chest, neck, and face. Keeping out of the sun and using sunscreen persistently will help keep your skin looking youthful long after you get a chemical peel.

Reduce Acne
Using a chemical peel treatment with salicylic acid or glycolic acid can reduce your acne significantly. Since acne is typically a surface skin issue, most chemical peels designed to treat it are light.

Diminish Scars
Moderate chemical peels can treat light scarring since it can penetrate deeply into the skin. For significant scarring, you may have to use a deeper peel. A chemical peel specially formulated for scars can diminish the appearance of them completely or at least the severity of it drastically.

Pigment Issues
Chemical peels can correct pigmentation issues such as melasma, discolouration from acne scars and age spots, and hyperpigmentation. It can be done to the hands, chest, neck and face.

Enhance Texture and Tone
As well as addressing any skin issues you may have, chemical peels can also stimulate your skin for a fresh, renewed look. It rejuvenates the overall texture and tone of your skin leaving you with a pretty, healthy glow.

Maximizes Skin Care Routine
Because chemical peels remove the top layer of dead skin, it can improve the effectiveness of your skincare products. After your dead skin is gone, your products can better absorb into your skin. That means even the smallest amount of your expensive night cream will go much further than it did before.

If you want a solution to not just one but a few of your skin issues, a chemical peel may be precisely what you need. But, it is crucial that you have an experienced esthetician perform this procedure on you. Kaloya Skin Care has the best skin care specialists that will ensure your chemical peel meets your cosmetic goals, while also keeping you comfortable throughout the process. Call us today to schedule an appointment or consultation.