Cosmetic procedures have continued to capture our fantasies, whether it is a facelift, a tummy tuck or microneedling. Almost everyone is tempted to try out the procedures to see if they indeed deliver what they promise. Owing to the huge cost and quite a bit of time that most of these procedures need to give the promised outcome, you may be left wondering whether they are really worth it.

Microneedling, also known as derma rolling or collagen induction therapy, is a great medical breakthrough that has proven to give astonishing results on the texture of various skin types. The treatment is known to induce collagen without injuring the top layer of your skin and can cost as little as only $30. Moreover, it has no side effects and a recovery period of a few days. Here are some impressive results that the microneedling can give you.

Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles
If you are looking to age gracefully, microneedling is for you. It is proven to reduce the presence of fine lines and wrinkles substantially. It promotes the generation of natural collagen and elastin which makes your skin look younger and prevent the formation of wrinkles and scars. The accumulation of natural elastin and collagen also helps in making your facial muscles taut and thickening your skin.

Skin ageing
This point is close to the above point. Microneedling helps to slow down the ageing process by promoting a healthy and natural production of collagen.

Treating scars is one of the most popular reasons for micro needling. Acne scars, black spots and marks can be effectively treated by microneedling. You will notice a visible fading in almost all kinds of scars with the microneedling process. This includes surgery scars or stretch marks. Most scar tissues are made of abnormal collagen formation. Microneedling helps to break up the old scar tissues and stimulate collagen and elastin production, promoting healthy skin.

Stretch marks
Stretch marks are also a type of scar caused due to rapid skin stretching. Although stretch marks are tougher to address, many people swear by microneedling treatment and have seen visibly reduced appearance. Microneedling helps to break down the stretch mark tissue and promotes collagen growth, eventually to reduce or to fade the appearance of stretch marks.

Many of us suffer from small and big pores on our face. Typically, the nose and areas around the cheeks have visibly enlarged pores. A microneedle roller can help to visibly reduce the appearance of pores by producing more collagen and thickening the epidermis. As this treatment is recommended on a daily basis for the best results, a smaller roller of 0.25mm is recommended.

Hair growth
Microneedling is not just amazing for face and skin but also works wonders for hair. It can benefit hair loss in Alopecia (male baldness) and has proven results. It decreases hair loss by releasing the endothelial growth factor that promotes hair growth, increases follicle size and helps to grow thicker hair. Combining treatment for hair with topical products is proven to give better results.

If you are curious about what microneedling can do for your skin or hair issue, speak to a certified and experienced expert at Kaloya Skin Care. We offer expert microneedling services. Get all your questions answered and be ready to transform yourself.