Feeling stressed? Down with a headache? Low blood pressure? It’s time to pamper your feet then! The nerves on your feet are connected to various pressure points in your body. Get the energy flowing to get your body glowing with good health.

Mind you, a simple massage is not enough. You need deep tissue massage from experts who are well versed with reflexology and its effects on multiple senses to improve organ functions. Look at the incredible benefits of a foot massage that are backed by scientific research.

6 Powerful Benefits of Foot Massage

  • Boost Blood Circulation: If you spend hours hunched over your computer or phone, your muscles need a stretch from time to time to get circulation flowing to your stiff neck and shoulders. This holds true for a sedentary lifestyle too. Try a 20-30 minute foot massage session from experienced professionals every now and then. See the difference it makes to your strained joints. This is also useful for people with diabetes.
  • Reduces Depression: Depression and anxiety are common states of mind that have alarming repercussions. Studies prove that reflexology can turn your mind around into a more relaxed and elevated state. For chronic depression and anxiety in cancer patients, frequent sessions can help greatly. Your partner can learn the techniques to help you with it.
  • Relieves migraines: Studies conducted in Denmark have revealed a sharp drop in headaches and migraines after regular reflexology treatments. In three months, 65% had reduced symptoms while many got cured. No medication needed.
  • Normalizes blood pressure: Stress and an unhealthy diet can lead to high blood pressure that triggers many health problems. Sometimes, genetics are responsible. Research on healthcare staff looking after the elderly who suffer from dementia showed that the stressful conditions had escalated blood pressure in a few of them. Just 10 minutes of foot massage brought it down.
  • Relieves foot pain from injuries: If you suffer from joint pain, ankle injury, ligament laxity or chronic heel pain caused by inflammation or deterioration of the connective tissue that supports the arch (plantar fascia), try a deep massage on your foot, along with recommended exercises to lessen the pain. Even 10 minutes of foot massage three to five times a week can strengthen weak muscles and relieve pain significantly.
  • Promotes better sleep: Massaging your sole with warm coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil can help those with insomnia. It helps you unwind, improve blood circulation, and relax the nerves. Avoid tight shoes or improper footwear of any kind, they hamper blood circulation.

Foot Massage at Kaloya Skin Care and Spa, Surrey, BC

Kaloya Skin Care and Spa at Surrey, BC is popular for several services that rejuvenate you inside out. From relaxing foot massage to Ayurvedic massage, neck and shoulder relaxation to traditional Thai massage, we offer it all. We have different techniques for different interests and health considerations. Our foot massages are based on a system of zones and reflex areas that are connected to various parts of the body. We stimulate these areas to produce a physical change in a soothing, relaxing ambiance. Choose from our invigorating 60 minute and 90 minute massages. We adjust our massage pressure suited to your needs to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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