If you have made the decision to get laser hair removal, then you might have a few questions. One commonly asked question is: “Can I exercise after laser hair removal?” The short answer is no; you should not be exercising after you get laser hair removal. In this blog we will get into the reasons why exercise should be avoided after laser hair removal, and why it is best to take it slow, for best results and optimal comfort.

When you get, laser hair removal heat is being applied to your skin. This can result in redness, and the hair follicles will experience some swelling. While temporary, these side effects lasting around twelve to twenty-four hours in length, you need to keep your skin cool during this period to help the redness reduce and keep the swelling down. When you exercise, you are heating up your body, which will make the redness last longer and will keep the swelling from going down. Cold is needed to reduce swelling while heat is harmful, as it perpetuates the inflammation cycle.

The second big reason you should avoid exercise is that it causes sweating. Usually sweating is a great thing. It helps to release toxins from the body and cools you down during your exercise. The problem, though, is that sweat contains bacteria. If your hair follicles are currently sensitive, this bacteria will aggravate them. Bacteria being exposed to sensitive and swollen hair follicles can result in a rash, or even worse, a skin infection. You want to keep the area clear of sweat, and so exercise is off the table.

Generally speaking, going for gentle walks or light yoga and stretching is fine, unless you experience any discomfort. That is because these activities will not cause you to sweat. Things like spinning, aerobics classes, hot yoga, and more will cause a lot of sweating which could lead to nasty consequences. You also need to avoid swimming, or hot-tubbing, because the chemicals and any bacteria in the water will aggravate your skin.

You do not have to avoid exercise for very long. Just twenty-four to forty-eight hours, depending on how long it takes for the redness and swelling to go down. Once you feel that you are no longer experiencing these symptoms, then you can go back to your regular work out regime without any issues.

Some things that will help you get back to exercising faster after a laser hair removal treatment are:

Wear loose clothing that is breathable so your skin can cool down. Avoid skinny jeans and tights!
Apply some pure aloe vera to the area.
Do not use any creams, moisturizers, oils, or perfumed products. Only aloe vera.
Avoid touching or scratching the area.
Avoid showering until the next day and use lukewarm water.

We want you to have a wonderful laser hair removal experience at Kaloya Skin Care. If you follow these rules for exercising and aftercare, then you are sure to end up with great results and happy skin. Contact us today to book your laser hair removal appointment.

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