Daily skincare habits are essential for a radiant complexion through the year. Seasonal and weather changes can affect your skin in many ways. Now with summer on its way out and winter creeping in, it’s time to take note of the temperatures ahead and tweak your daily skincare routine accordingly.

As the temperature cools down outdoors and heating is cranked up in homes, malls and vehicles, your skin needs to get healthier to withstand the changes. Fluctuating humidity through the year adds to your woes. Sometimes you find an unexpected oily sheen on normal skin or sensitive skin breaks out into acne. Long hot baths can dry out dry skin further in stuffy, centrally heated environments. Carefully consider the weather before relying your daily skincare routine. Experts at Kaloya Skin Care guide you with a few golden rules.

Skin Nourishment in the Fall

Let’s start with the Fall season since it’s here now. Humidity is usually lower this time. Heated air reduces humidity further. Drier the air, drier your skin. Excessive dryness can make your skin flaky, even prone to eczema and other dry skin conditions if you have sensitive skin. Your cheeks and lips can crack, burn or bleed if you don’t take adequate care.

Thick Moisturizers: Swap your lightweight summer moisturizers with moisture rich face and body creams to keep your skin soft and supple. Avoid overly thick creams and moisturizers just yet. They can leave your skin feeling sticky. Towards the latter half of fall, use thicker night creams if you feel the need. Moisturize your lips with lip balm. If your palms feel dry, apply a thick hand cream.

Humidifier to Reduce Dryness: At night, invest in a humidifier to combat dryness. Alternately place an open bowl of water near your radiator or heater to reduce dryness. Make sure you drink plenty of water and hot fluids to keep your digestion in good condition. Healthy skin starts with a healthy diet and digestion.

Anti-Inflammatory Cream: Temperature fluctuations can affect the healthiest of skins. Stepping out from heated environments out into cold, windy conditions that are common this time can cause the capillaries in the face to contract and expand. If your skin is sensitive, this can lead to broken veins, spider veins and skin redness. Try not to keep your room excessively heated. Reduced temperature difference between indoors and outdoors will put less strain on the capillaries. Apply an anti-inflammatory cream with natural healing ingredients to protect and heal the skin.

Avoid Steaming Hot Showers: Hot baths and showers can dry out your skin. Although it’s tempting to soak in a steaming tub over the weekends after a long, tiring week, your skin will lose its protective barrier that keeps it supple and soft. Stick to moderately hot baths and showers to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Watch Your Diet: Oily skin that’s prone to acne fares better in cooler weather. Breakouts and flare-ups reduce considerably this time. What you need to watch out for is your diet because there’s a tendency to eat more and reach out for high-calorie, sugar-rich foods that can aggravate breakouts. If you find yourself reaching out for cupcakes, pasta, fries, and chocolates, remind yourself to stop and look the other way at healthier, high-fibre options. Radiant, glowing skin takes more than just surface skincare. It is a holistic health plan that starts from within.

Kaloya Skin Care Spa

We use high-quality, herbal, chemical-free skincare products by Dr. Renaud to address a variety of skin concerns such as premature ageing, sensitivity, rosacea, acne and more. Check out our wide range of products on our website to choose the right ones for your skin this fall. Call us to book an appointment for consultation to make an informed choice or to book a luxurious, skin rejuvenation spa treatment to feel rejuvenated in the fall.

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