About Kaloya Skin Care Spa

Kaloya Skincare spa uses Dr.Renaud Products as an organic skincare line that is both effective and soothing, able to address a bounty of skincare concerns that you may be facing. Whether your skincare needs include premature aging, sensitivity, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone, Kaloya Skincare spa coupled with Dr.Renaud products is the solution to your individual needs.

Being an organic line is incredibly important to us. Not only is the Dr.Renaud skincare line better for the environment, as no synthetic chemicals or fertilizers are used on their natural ingredients, it also offers your skin a regime that is free from dangerous chemicals. You should feel good when using a skincare line, but you can even feel good about what you are doing for the environment by going the organic route.

Considering that a person’s skin is the largest organ in their body, it becomes evident that skin needs to be respected and taken care of with the same concern we offer to other organs – such as our heart, lungs, and liver. By using Kaloya Organic Skincare, you are keeping harmful irritants and chemicals off of your skin, and protecting the rest of your body from being exposed to these irritants and chemicals as they are absorbed into your body. Your skin will also look and feel healthier than ever before by choosing an organic skincare line.

Decades of herbal craftsmanship combined with modern skincare innovations means that Kaloya is one of the most potent, chemical-free skincare ranges available. Using this bounty of results-oriented products, you can see and feel the difference! Kaloya is the choice of top quality spas, salons and skincare professionals in BC.